Web Designing In A Nut Shell

Saturday,30 Jul 2011, 406 Comments

In modern times, the designing industry has been adorned with an altogether different idea, i.e. web designing. It is that segment of designing which entails planning and development of websites. In other words, web designing includes everything related to the creation of the front-end of a web page. It incorporates several aspects such as imagery, colors, fonts, layout, navigation, information architecture, site structure and user interface. The most important part of web designing is designing itself. The designing part contains design principles as well as design elements. Design elements consist of color, direction, texture, shapes and lines. On the other hand, design principles contain unity, rhythm, emphasis, contrast and balance. The role of a web designer is to combine all these features to create websites.


Generally, a website consists of several pages. These pages provide information by using different technology platforms and these pages are linked with hyperlinks. The basic markup language that is used to present information to the viewers is called the HyperText Markup Language (HTML). In the improved version, eXtensive HyperText Markup Language (XHTML) is also used. However, to become an all round web designer you should have knowledge about HTML, CSS, JavaScript, CGI programming, XML, SEO, PHP, ASP and many more things.

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Link Building

Saturday,14 May 2011, 383 Comments

Link Building:
     The process of gaining profits in the internet market is through link building. We get responses from other websites through link building only as this technique brings most volume and traffic to the website. Link building make your website as highly searched website in search engines only through link building. Special keywords are targeted in this process.
   There are two types of link Exchanges:
1.    Active Link Exchange
2.    Passive Link Exchange
                   In this active Link Exchange we target particularly the link for our website. We aim the link only for our website which continues with three types of link exchange.

•    One way
•    Reciprocal
•    Three way
         One way link exchange is the ideal way of link building. We target the link particularly for our website. This is the most important way in link building.
         Reciprocal way of link building is done when two of the websites agree to pair or link with each other. When the both the links are targeted and if else the websites of particular link are quality based then your website can be top in the search engines.
         Three way of link building is the particular way of link exchange in which exchange is done among three websites. The easiest technique to get your website in the top positions in search engines is this link building

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Website Should Be A SEO Friendly

Wednesday,27 Apr 2011, 11 Comments

Search engine optimization:
   Website should be designed considering SEO, It should a SEO friendly website. Content of the website should be a SEO friendly and coding is to be properly considered. To make your business get into the global world search engine optimization is the main tool to take your business to the internet market.
1.    on page optimization
2.    off page optimization
On page optimization:
    There are few techniques for on page optimization such as Meta tags optimization, content optimizing, link strategy, image optimization, Google site map creation and optimization of HTML source code.
Off page optimization:
     The special techniques behind the off page optimization are link building, directory submission, article creation, forum and blog posting and press release. These are main techniques which get your website higher traffic and improve the volume of the website.

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